Leadership in healthcare

Research Paper for HCA4100
Topic: Leaders in Today’s Healthcare (This title should be reflected in your paper and running head in APA format).
Prepare an APA paper using Microsoft word to discuss the following topic. Be sure to follow instructions given below.
The assignment is worth 50 pts and it is due by 11:59 pm Tuesday (8/23).

• This paper requires extensive research. DO not wait until the last minute to complete.
• Based on your chosen field, you will have a huge task as ahealthcare manager. This position involves many duties within the medical field. Reflecting on your career and the topics discussed in class this month, construct a research paper that answers the following questions using APA format. Be sure your entire paper is Times New Roman, 12 pt. font size and double-spaced. Be sure to indent the beginning of each new paragraph. Must be the minimum of 3 full pages with detailed information.
• Answer and discuss the following questions in your paper
o Briefly discuss in detail at least 3 characteristics managers should possess and why?
o Why should an organization’s vision and mission serve as the backbone for the organization?
o Why is communication and feedback important between healthcare leaders and their employees in the organization? What are barriers that breakdown the communication?
o Discuss McClelland’s 3-Needs Theory as it relates to a manager’s success in the workplace
o Explain how the Satisfaction-Performance Theory relates to Expectancy Theory and Equity Theory
o How can organizational leaders promote accurate and motivating attributions among their employees?
o Discuss the negative effects of distress from both an organizational and individual perspective
o Discuss coping strategies managers can take to help alleviate stress

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