Given the news of late, I’ve decided that it would be great if we could address a really important issue. I’m giving you 3 readings – 2 about the Dakota Access Pipeline and one for a local issue.

1) Dakota Access Interactive Map (Links to an external site.) (

2) Dakota Access Now (Links to an external site.) (

3) Pollution, Poverty, People of Color: the factory on the hill (Links to an external site.) (

This discussion is worth 20 points and will have multiple components. You will need to do research. Make sure you cite all your sources and evaluate the sources. What I mean is that I want you to think about how trustworthy a source is. If we had a theme for this week, that would one of them.

***(16 points) Describe an example that you have had in your life that is similar to the one described in the article OR research an example (try to be current if you do the research). If you are researching the example, you cannot do one that someone else has done so make sure you read other people’s work before you begin. Cite all sources in your post. If you are doing an example from your own life, I want you to do as much research as you can (some information may be hard to find – ask me for help if you are having trouble. I want you to include:
*A statement and description of the problem
*How does it relate to the readings above? Similarities? Differences?
*What group(s) are being harmed? How?
*Who is responsible for this issue? Why are they doing what they are?
Did they relocate their project because of protests elsewhere (Like
the section of the Dakota Access Pipeline referenced above)? Explore
this piece.

***Make at least 2 comments to other people – I want this to be more of a discussion than usual. (4 points total). This topic is a very sensitive one and we will be coming at it from different points of view. But we will also be exploring similar experiences. Be respectful.

links: Dakota access pipeline: (Links to an external site.)

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