Each student will write a term paper choosing a specific policy of government relating to any one of the following controversial issues in the American political arena – Gun Control, Legalization of Marijuana, Immigration, Universal Medical Care, and Global Warming. The paper must address the nature of the issue/problem, efforts that have been made in the past to resolve it, their shortcomings, alternative strategies that have been used, and the present strategies being contemplated or implemented to solve/improve it.

The paper must be typewritten double spaced using Times New Roman 12 size font with one-inch margin on all sides. The paper should be four pages in length with a separate bibliography page using MLA style of citation. In addition to the bibliography page, please include a separate cover page with your name and title of the paper. The length of the paper, four pages, excludes cover and bibliography pages. This assignment, worth 5 (five) points, is due on November 8, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. Assignments submitted after the due date and time will not be accepted. The paper should be submitted via Dropbox in iCollege. Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. The paper will be graded on the basis of student’s original, creative, and analytical thinking. I would like to have a well-written paper and not something that is cut and pasted from various sources. In addition, I will deduct points if the paper is short of the required length.
Bibliography: A bibliography is a list of sources that you have used in your term paper. There should be a minimum of five sources with at least three of them from scholarly journals/sources. (I am sure that the Reference Librarians in most libraries will be able to tell you if the source is scholarly or not!). The other two may be from sources such as magazines, books and the Internet, but should be responsible sources or sponsored by an academic source. Please do not use materials from REFERENCE WORKS such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, textbooks and religious texts such the Bible, Koran, and Vedas in your research and list them under bibliography. BUT THESE REFERENCE WORKS WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS PART OF THE REQUIRED MINIMUM OF FIVE REFERENCES. In essence, a minimum of five citations should be from scholarly journals or refer

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