Legalization of Prostitution

Develop a paragraph of intent

Argument Paper Instructions:
The format of the paper will be similar to the last. You will construct

* abstract page under 120 words
* introductory paragraph with thesis sentence
* body with multiple headings, such as history/background, arguments, exceptions, examples, or whatever will help persuade the audience.
* Reference Page

The introductory paragraph begins with an attention device that will stimulate and draw the interest of the reader. This is also known as the hook. The sentence can be a shocking statement, a statistic, begin a story or anecdote, or a question. The following sentences will build interest for the thesis sentence, which is the last sentence in the paragraph. This thesis sentence states the idea that will drive the rest of the paper. Keep it broad; the headings of the following paragraphs will be used to persuade the reader.

For example: The smoking law is not beneficial to the public or for many businesses.
Abortion is not safe or healthy for the mother or child.
Abortion should be the choice of the mother.
A father should have more rights over his unborn child when abortion is considered.
Borders should be closed and security tightened.
Cell phones should be declared unlawful when driving.
Girls would benefit greatly in segregated classes.
Ethanol gas will benefit the economy of America.
Wind farms will enable America to produce energy without being dependent on foreign countries.

Decide on the headings that will support the thesis. Use research that is trustworthy;do not rely only on Internet sources. Use books , newspapers, journals, interviews, surveys, and library resources. The last heading should be either Discussion or Conclusion. If you use conclusions, you will be recapping the thesis. Discussion will allow you to use first person only in this heading.

Remember that you and your views are driving this paper. It is a subject that you believe in. Read background information and decide which points you can use for this issue. Then use a summary or paraphrase from the sources to back your ideas up and show support. You can also defend your position by discussing the opposing perspective. Make sure to cite ideas from other authors, numbers, statistics, unusual dates, or quotes.

This paper will require an interview or survey. Schedule an interview as soon as possible and send a thank you note. Review interviewing by viewing the power point on the Web Links icon. If you choose a survey, use yes or no replies and leave a place for comments you may use as quotes.

After you are done with the interview, look at the results and summarize the information the interviewee provided. Write it up in paragraph form, giving credit to the person. For example, you may begin the paragraph with a statement like this: In a personal interview with Ringo Starr (June 2, 2002), he described his experience as a musician as rewarding in both a personal and monetary way. Ringo emphasized ……
The results from your interview can be written up under its own heading, if you choose, or it can support another idea.

Okay, I have a picture of the Beatles gracing the front wall in my classroom.
You get the idea. Don’t state the question and then the answer. Look at the information you gleaned and put it into paragraph form. This reference does not go on the References page, but credit is still required.

Interview someone connected with the issue by email or in person. Develop a survey for 10 -20 persons. This will give you experience with stats that are primary sources.

Remember to stay in third person and to cite your sources within the sentence. The period goes after the parenthesis.  If you use a quote, you must give credit with the author’s name, year, and page. Double space from top to bottom. Use a header with page numbers beginning on the title page.

Try a block quote over forty words. It has its own form rather than a smaller in-sentence format. If a quote is over forty words, this is the usual format. Introduce the speaker and then press enter. Indent the quoted words ten spaces (without quotation marks) and double space all the way to the end. Do not indent the first sentence and exclude quotation marks. On the next line include the author’s last name, year, and page or paragraph number.

Keep up the References page as you choose information to use. It is just easier than to write it up after you are done. Send me as many rough drafts as you feel is needed.

We will explore three possible issues before selecting only one. Once each student has decided on one issue, s/he will compose the thesis sentence and a list of headings for paragraphs to support the point of view.

An introductory paragraph will also be constructed with at least four sentences. Remember that the first sentence initiates interest in the topic, and the following sentences build to the thesis, which is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph(s).

An attention device can be a shocking statement, statistic, anecdote, question or reference to history. It should pull the reader into the paper and persuade them to consider the issue


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