Living in a Multicultural Society

Individual Reflective Learning Journal Living in a Multicultural Society: the Case of Singapore

Reflective thinking is an important aid to adult learning. You are required to write a reflective essay related to the topics of the course. You need to start the assignment several weeks before the deadline.

Essay: In your essay, the topic to contemplate and to write about is: how do you experience Singapore as a Multicultural Society. Successfully completing this task requires that during the several weeks ahead of the deadline, you devote some time to reflect on what you have experienced during your day. It could be applied at the end of any workday, workweek, project, or assignment at work. You can spend several minutes–more if you want- thinking about the experience you have been through and what you can learn from it, about yourself and the society you live in.
What you write may be an insight into a management issue that has perplexed you for a long time. It could be new insight about human behavior or group functioning. It may be a practical idea that you can apply in a particular situation. It may be something about yourself that you just now became aware of.
In your short essay, you are required to relate to at least one of the ‘core cultural dimension’ theories (see p. 81) or cultural dimensions (see appendix) and to insist on what you have learnt from using them. (NOTE: This means you apply your findings and experience to at least one of the theorists and all their corresponding dimensions for example; Hofstede’s (5 dimensions (at minimum)); Hall’s (3 dimensions); Trompenaar’s (7 dimensions); GLOBE (9 dimensions). You are required to use some of the notions introduced in chapters 2 and 4. You should not devote text presenting Singapore as a multicultural society since your lecturer has experience in Singapore. This essay is not about Singapore as a society but how you experience the plurality of cultures in Singapore, and how reading chapters 2, 3 and 4 has changed your way of looking at this experience, or helped you understand it better, or in a new way.

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