Hello everyone,

IMPORTANT NOTE: I NEED JUST DRAFT PLAN BY 12TH OF JULY when I have a meeting with my group, after that we will continue when I receive feedback.

This MBA assignment is based on strategy formulation – something like business plan. My part is marketing part (7P’s) and work need to be strategic part from marketing side and growth implementation

Company is new, in central Serbia.
Business is based on coffee production and distribution of different things within HoReCa program (frape mixing bags, hot chocolate in bags, and different flavors of syrups for cocktails or coffees)

One part of the business is production of traditional Turkish coffee (main advantage is freshly baked – since all other competitors are mostly companies with big production and not so fresh on the market) also it is made from pure coffee not surrogate for coffees.

Second part is espresso coffee – very specific tailor made coffees under the brand of the HoReCa outlet, so there is no like brand name (lavazza, or something) but the special name and packaging for horeca customers. Nobody has something like this in the market.

And the third part are different additional programs for cafes – hot chocolate and frape in bags, and also syrups (with different flavors – nuts, chocolate, almonds, Irish cream…) There is one syrup leader on the market but with the price 40% more expensive

Since we can not make marketing for all of them, we need to main marketing strategies:

How to compete on the market with home made fresh Turkish coffee
How to build TM espresso business with great connection with syrups (this part also have 2 things, first one is Espresso business and how to engage customers to buy from us and not from brand coffees) and the second one is possibility to promote our espresso with specialty coffees (that include different kind of syrups)

Check what and how do you think we can make this and please propose the best marketing strategy through 7P’s

So in few words:

production and sales of turkish coffee through all sales channels (traditional stores and some small local chains)
production and sales of espresso – no brand, tailor made branding for each customers
Distribution of horeca program to cafes and bars


Thank you and please ask if you need anything additional


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