please follow the instructions. Write for me the conclusion. Here is my other paragraphs to help you to write the conclusion and introduction. I already posts what you did for me and other what I did yo help you to write introduction and conclusion. Actually conclusion and introduction. I will post some examples steps and follow it and thank you. So,

Last paragraph summaries main point.
·End using one or more of the following strategies:
–Call the reader to action
–Anecdote or scenario
–Make a Prediction
·The last paragraph wraps up the writing and gives the reader something to think about.
•Call to Action
–Ask the reader to do something or to make something happen  “I challenge you to watch what you eat and to avoid fast food.”
•Provide a solution
–Provide an answer to the problem “Fast food doesn’t have to be “bad food.”  Make better choices like salads, fruit and low fat treats.”
•Make a Prediction
–Explain what might be the consequences of action or inaction “If people continue to eat lots of fast food, they put their health at risk.  If kids don’t make better choices today, they won’t grow into healthy adults.” This is for  ( conclusion ).

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