Luxury products and status-signaling ? An examination of consumer behavior


Luxury products and status-signaling ? An examination of consumer behavior

(Target respondents ? Qatari Males 25-34 years old)
This mini projects looks at the consumer behavior in terms of how individuals use luxury and other products to signal a certain type of status. For example why would a person buy an expensive watch. Using the attached questionnaire you will collect data from Qatari males aged between 25-34 years. The questionnaire has three question which will help assess behavior of individuals towards different products which can be used for projecting a certain image. You must complete a minimum of 30 questionnaires.

Project report
The report should include the following parts:
A. Introduction
Title page: Title of your project, names of group members and the course title.
Background of the project that familiarizes the reader to the issue under research.

B. Research design
(i) Discuss the logic behind your choice of data collection medium (e.g. face-to-face, phone, Internet etc.).
(ii) Describe the sample selection method and response rate.
(iii) Explain how and where the data collection took place.
(iv) Describe the statistical techniques used to analyze and evaluate the data. You, as a minimum, are required to conduct descriptive analysis (i.e. mean and standard deviation).

C. Results & Analyses
This section should include the analysis, interpretation and discussion of the findings. Tables, graphs, charts should be used to present the data.

D. Conclusions
Present your insight into the behavior of respondents towards different products. Comment on how ?objects? and precious possessions are used to reflect a certain image. For example how would an expensive pen (such as Mont Blanc) be used to project an image of being educated and wealthy. Furthermore the report must outline the practical application of your findings for businesses (such as Gucci, Porsche, in Qatar who are selling these products. The report should be approximately 1000-1200 words. It should be typewritten and double spaced.

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