Scholarly Paper
Each student is expected to write an original, Scholarly Paper, addressing a topic relevant to the course. You are encouraged to study and write about neuroscience-related topics and themes that are of interest and/or relevance to you. You are encouraged to discuss your topic ideas with your instructor via CougarMail.
The Scholarly Paper should demonstrate critical thinking skills commensurate with advanced levels of scholarship, such as evaluation, analysis and synthesis. Use of at least ten scholarly sources is required. The Scholarly Paper must follow current APA guidelines (refer to the APA Publication Manual and/or visit the APA website at for further assistance). The paper should be double-spaced, using a 12-point font size and a common font face, such as Times New Roman. The paper should be six pages in length, at a minimum, excluding the title, abstract and reference pages. Grading criteria for the Scholarly Paper are provided in the Rubrics area of the course. Submit the Scholarly Paper to the Dropbox area of this course by Friday 11:59 PM, CT of Week 6. [1 Scholarly Paper x 200 points = 200 possible points]

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