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The assignments in this course build upon each other to help you complete the final Project, an instructional design blueprint for Cowboys Nightclubs & Restaurants which is seeking to implement online teaching and learning program to train management and wait staff to better its customer service at each of 5 locations with another to open in the spring of 2015.Whoever wins this assignment will be givin the first two assignment in chat to see where we are in the plan and help determin where we will go. If A+ work is performed you will recieve 7 more of these assignments. In this step, you will complete a needs assessment for the business or organization you have selected and profiled.Your needs assessment must include data collection measures and outcomes for the following five stages:•Stage 1: What are the business/organization needs?◦Measure used:◦Outcome: (What is the forecasted ROI?)•Stage 2: What are the performance needs?◦Measure used:◦Outcome: (What are the knowledge and skills needed for success in the business/organization? To what degree are they currently being met? )•Stage 3: What are the learning needs?◦Measure used:◦Outcome: (What knowledge and skills need to be improved through instruction?)•Stage 4: What are the learner needs?◦Measure used:◦Outcome: (Who are the learners? Approximate number?, multigenerational?, cultural?, traditional?, nontraditional?, etc.)•Stage 5: What are the technology needs?◦Measure used:◦Outcome: (What is needed to implement/support the online learning environment?)Use at least two to three sources to support your observations and analysis2-3 Pages MinimumAPA formattedPlagiarism will be checked

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