After having viewed the documentary 13th, the gender codes videos, and Weiner, and given the course focus is ethics and social issues, here is the optional extra credit assignment:

Every individual can encounter discrimination based upon many possible factors. Some of which we’ve discussed in class are race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, political views, socieoeconomic status, age, religious affiliation or lack thereof, lifestyle preferences, illnesses, and whether or not one succumbs to group pressure to express alliance with one viewpoint v. another, among others.

1) Describe three aspects of a discrimination that you have personally experienced because of an aspect of who you are. Describe how this discrimination feels.

2) Identify three news articles (only from those sources listed in your final exam), or three documentaries/based on true stories films or reality shows, (not fiction, sci-fi, or other sources not based upon reality), or current songs whose lyrics and/or videos and/or composition represent the discrimination you have felt. Include urls or links that are accessible by everyone (if I can’t access it it can’t count for this exercise).

3) Describe in detail steps that you would advocate nationally (U.S.), if you were in a position to craft legislation, policy, or define the mission of a nonprofit (basically, assume you are ALEC), to alleviate this discrimination against the issue you have defined, above. Be very specific and craft a framework much like ALEC has done for their favored issues over the past four decades. Write a legislative bill that speaks to your issue, something a senator or congressperson could simply add their name to and submit for possible enaction as a law.

If you complete all the stated steps, detailed above, you can earn an extra 40 extra credit points, as well as add to your knowledge in many areas related to the course. If you complete them partially or not at all, you cannot receive any additional extra credit points. It’s all or nothing.

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