The manager Iron Horse Helmet Company

The success of Iron Horse Helmets Company based in the United States and international branches is because of the long experience in the helmet trade. The company has been able to offer services to almost over forty countries both in USA and globally. It has supplied a wide variety of helmet. Besides, it has provided the best possible services to its customers at remarkably fair prices. Through dedication from all the stakeholder of the company, it has developed a clear understanding of the business and has had the ability support the business at all levels. With the ability to deliver orders urgently and products of different variety like T-shirt, riding gear and other accessories within the few working days, the company has been able to achieve so much in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction. Without any doubt, Iron Horse Helmet Company is the most successful company in the whole world.
A report by the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report dated June 15, 2012/ 61(23) 425-430 indicate that, in the year 2010, 4,502 motorcyclists were killed in motorcycle accidents (Kennedy 22). Research indicated that use of helmet had reduced crash injuries and death. Therefore, in order to ensure that people do not die from these accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has tried to ensure that the universal helmet law which requires all motorcyclist to wear a helmet. Wearing helmets has reduced the chances of someone getting head injuries when involved in accidents. This is a fact, but the question that should be asked is that why do accidents still occur? How comes other people wearing helmets still was injured?
According to the NHTSA, the main areas that any helmet producer should focus on are the penetration resistance, energy absorption and the effectiveness of the retention system (Kennedy 117). The standards also states that the peripheral vision should not be less that 105 degrees. It is required that all helmets manufacturers who market their products for road use must test and make sure that they meet the required standards. Recent test by the company indicated that some of the helmets that the company supplied did not meet the standards needed as per the law. The test conducted showed that the helmets could break when a certain amount of force was applied. The peripheral visibility for some of those helmets were 103 degrees. Despite these problems, they were still supplied to the markets are currently being sold.
These helmets could cause many problems to users when they get involved in accidents. They resultant effect is that some of them would die depending on the extent of the crush. Another effect is that lawsuits could be filed against the company. Further test conducted on them would indicate that the company supplied helmets that did not meet the required standards. This would not cost only money, but the reputation that the company has tried so hard and build over these years would be destroyed. Therefore, this would lead to complete shutdown of the company.
The best thing that should be done is to stop supplying helmets that do not meet the requirements. Similarly, suppliers find a way to remove the ones that have already been supplied into the market. All these considerations can save the operations of the company.
Yours sincerely
Lucas Wayne
Supervisor Iron Horse Helmet Company

Work Cited
Kennedy, Shirley D. The Savvy Guide to Motorcycles. Indianapolis: Indy-Tech Pub, 2005. Print.

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