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Mandatory arbitration clauses are included in most of the consumer contracts, these types of clauses are regulated by the Federal Arbitration Act. These bounding clauses tie consumers to a third-party arbitration. In this document we analyze the evidence on the cases resulting from the legal application of this instrument in consumer contracts, the results in many cases by industry, the positioning of the different participants, and the negative results that the application of Mandatory Arbitration clauses have had in the business environment, specifically addressing the negative effects in negotiating contracts and why mandatory arbitration clauses should be banned from being included in consumer contracts.

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5.1  Pro’s and con’s of mandatory arbitration
5.1.1 Pro’s of mandatory arbitration
5.1.2 Con’s of mandatory arbitration
5.2 Stance of the Supreme Court
5.2.1 Cases defined their early stance
5.2.2 The party autonomy in their decision
5.2.3 Supreme Court’s currently stand
5.3 Opinion on a Pragmatic Approach
5.3.1 Fairness definition
5.3.2 Recommendation
5.3.3 Societal benefit of our recommendation


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