Margaret Sanger

Number of references: 7
Use each of the following topics/questions as headings to discuss the five following themes in your 8 page minimum paper:

1.Context for the social change (What is or was taking place in society?) Discuss:

a. culture

b. laws

c. resulting social conditions

2. Personal history that prepared the leader (What helped prepare the person to lead?)


a. family background

b. professional/personal experiences

c. education/professional or political training

3. Guiding philosophies (What are/were the person’s beliefs, faith/religion, principles?) Did the person follow the practices of another leader?


a. how were they shared with others

b. who did the leader admire/or was the leader’s mentor

4. Leadership (What is/has the person doing/done that qualifies her/him for the title of leader of social change?)


a. leadership strategies

b. Issues she/he have confronted or identified as needing to be changed

c. activities that she/he are/have doing/done as a leader

5. Critics

Is/has the person facing/faced challenges from other leaders, governments, and or the military? How well does this person work with others who are committed to the same issue(s)?


a. who is/has acted against the leader

b. allies in the movement who may/have disagree/disagreed with the person’s leadership style or decision making

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