Part A: (65%)
Prepare a brief introduction for this assessment to identify your chosen organisation and to
set the context for your answer.
(Guidance regarding the length of this Introduction is provided in Point (1) in the ‘Notes’
section – see page 4 of this assessment document).
Critically examine the development and management of relationships that your chosen
organisation has with its customers (B2C and/or B2B). Areas that your answer might
examine, but should not be limited to, include:
– What is the role and importance for the organisation in developing long-term
relationships with its customers? What does it help the organisation to achieve?
– How have these relationships developed over time? Are there any differences
between B2B and B2C customers (if applicable)? Are there any differences between
domestic and overseas markets (if applicable)?
– Are there any issues / challenges that have hindered the development and / or
management of customer relationships? How have they been (or can they be)
– Are there any disadvantages for the organisation in building / maintaining long-term
relationships with its customers?
Part B: (35%)
Critically examine the role and value of the organisation’s employees in building /
maintaining customer relationships. Evaluate the extent to which the organisation’s Internal
Marketing strategy supports this.

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