Marketing business report

Marketing business report
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Marketing business report

2,500 words

Present a business report to the Chairman of L Capital Asia, a world leader in luxury brands LVMH (Louis Vuitton/Moet Hennessy a portfolio of over 60 prestigious brands), who have invested heavily (49.9%) in RM Williams (iconic Australian brand).

Report on two key marketing strategies to L Capital Asia about making a difference to how RM Williams engages the market. And enters the Asian market in 2016. Have now entered UK & Scandinavia.

Two issues to cover may be:

• Co-production
• Customer value co-creation
• Relationship building,
• Strategic marketing planning,
• Segmentation,
• Branding (celebrity endorsements; Hugh Jackman)
• Pricing,
• Communication strategies,
• Promotion strategies,

1. Address why each of these is important to RM Williams
2. Describe expected benefits to both L Capital Asia (Louis Vuitton/Moet Hennessy) and RM Williams customers if implemented
3. Propose implementation of tools/practices with an action plan
4. Use academic articles to support arguments

Critically review literature and relevance to the organisation.

Be specific and provide full justification.

Some initial references:

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