Marketing Research Report
A Research Report on your chosen area of Marketing (E-Marketing, etc)


The assignment is a research report on an area of marketing of your choice. It is based on the information you have gained through your own research and knowledge learnt during this module.


select one area of marketing and conduct a short literature review on this field of study. Draw your conclusions from the literature an apply your findings to a case study for analysis and evaluation


Background into your research, reasons why you have selected this area of marketing and justify the setting you have chosen
Literature Review
Explore and search the key points in the literature for your chosen area – what is the currently thinking in your research area.
Case Study background
Contextualise your research into a case study, or a setting with which you are familiar. This could possibly be a company in whish you work, or may would like to work
Analysis and evaluation
Compare the findings from the literature to the case study or your selected organisation. Is there evidence/or otherwise of what is demonstrated in the literature actual happening in your context of your setting. Critique and evaluate these points in the context of marketing. Consider also other areas of marketing we have covered that can be supportive in terms of your findings
Draw through the important points to a short conclusion of your findings and possibly identify where further research could be investigated.

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