Marketing strategy or tactic

Marketing strategy or tactic

This is an analysis of the article NOT of the marketing of a company or an industry. You need to analyse the article for the content it has that is related to marketing

? What is the marketing new story about? It is about the marketing strategy or tactic of a single firm? Or does the news story raise an issue with wider marketing implications?

? Select an appropriate marketing news story which has appeared in 2012. It might be from the business press, such the Financial Times, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, or Forbes, or the business section of a national newspaper such as the Daily Telegraph or the Guardian. Of course, other media sources ? including ones available exclusively online ? are permissible

? Remember that informed analysis is more than just your opinion; references to literature and examples are deemed as highly appropriate for a full and complete response.

? What marketing issues are at stake? For example, where might the marketing new story be included in a revised edition of Kotler? Why?
? Search Business Source Premier to find relevant marketing literature (e.g., the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing Management, the European Journal of Marketing, the Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Sloan Management Review, or McKinsey Quarterly) to help put the marketing story in context. Are there other examples you can cite?
and please send me the internet site of the marketing news story that I should learn which article or news has done

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