I need you to log into Blackboard and finish all the following Senior Year assignments. Some of the assignments have to be written in paper, scanned and uploaded. Others can be completed online.

6.00 Semester 1 Exam

7.01 Writing Assignment: Matrices

7.01 Matrices and Determinants Quiz

7.02 Consistent and Inconsistent Systems Quiz

7.02 Writing Assignment: Systems of Equations

7.02 Systems of Equations Quiz

7.03 Writing Assignment: Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities

7.03 Systems of LInear Inequalities Quiz

7.04 Systems of Equations with Three Variables Quiz

7.05 Systems of Equations and Inequalities Unit Exam

8.01 Writing Assignment: Algebra of Quadrilaterals

8.01 Writing Assignment: Quadrilaterals Challenge Problems

8.01 Geometry of Quadrilaterals Quiz

8.02 Writing Assignment: Triangles

8.02 Geometry of a Triangle Quiz

8.03 Writing Assignment: The Geometry of Circles

8.03 Writing Assignment: Properties of Geometric Figures

8.03 Geometry of Circles Quiz

8.04 Geometry Unit Exam

9.01 Introduction to Conic Sections Quiz

9.02 Writing Assignment: Parabolas

9.02 Parabolas Quiz

9.03 Writing Assignment: Writing the Equation of a Circle

9.03 Circles Quiz

9.04 Writing Assignment: Graphing Ellipses

9.04 Ellipses Quiz

9.05 Writing Assignment: Graphing Hyperbolas

9.05 Hyperbola Quiz

9.06 Conic Sections Unit Exam

10.01 Writing Assignment: Probability

10.02 Writing Assignment: Permutations and Combinations

10.02 Permutations and Combinations Quiz

10.02 Introduction to Probability Quiz

10.03 Binomial Theorem Quiz

10.04 Writing Assignment: Measures of Central Tendency, Variance and Standard Deviation

10.04 Statistics Quiz

10.05 Writing Assignment: Normal Distribution

10.05 Normal Distribution Quiz

10.06 Probability Distributions Quiz

10.07 Probability and Statistics Unit Exam

11.01 Writing Assignment: Arithmetic Sequences and Series

11.01 Arithmetic Sequence and Series Quiz

11.02 Writing Assignment: Geometric Sequences and Series

11.02 Geometric Sequences and Series Quiz

11.03 Discrete Mathematics: Sequences and Series Unit Exam

12.00 Semester 2 Exam

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