Assessment for this module will take the form of ONE essay of 3,000-3,500 words (10-12 typed pages) based on the material covered in lectures
Essay Titles
1.    How far does media ownership confer media control?
2.    What are the major tends currently reshaping the media and cultural industries and what are their likely consequences?
3.    How is the advertising system changing in response to the rise of digital technologies?
4.    ‘The less regulation the better’ Discuss.
5.    Is there still a role for public service broadcasting in the age of multi-channel television and the internet?
6    How might the expansion of the internet of things and the rise of artificaly intelligence and robotics change the organisation of  communications
7.    Are digital technologies increasing the power of audiences and users or confirming the power of established power centres?
8.    Can the Internet be a public sphere?

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