Medieval Society argumentative paper

Medieval Society argumentative paper

Paper instructions:
Choose a MINIMUM OF THREE passages from the primary readings from the links provided below and use these passages to explain how the three major characteristics of Roman, Germanic and Christian cultures worked to together to create a medieval society. A choice of three passages from three different situations is certainly doable.

The purpose of this is to create a strong argumentative paper based on a debatable argument or thesis. To do this, it is strongly recommended that you concentrate on coming up with your main argument BEFORE you agonize about choice of passages. I suggest that you choose passages of just a few lines and use these passages as the bases for comparisons.

Try to be as specific as possible in your argument. A thesis is more than just a restatement of facts. For instance, avoid mere plot summary and general judgements such as “There many differences between Christian and Germanic culture” or “There many pagan aspects in Beowulf” (who would dispute such points?). Instead, compose a very specific thesis and focus on specific attitudes, and/or certain practices, and/or specific terms in your chosen passages during your discussion.

I expect from an essay of about 500-700 words,
Be specific, employ careful organization, attend to the topic, and supply examples, quotations, and references.

(Charlemagne: Letter to Baugaulf of Fulda)-
(Salvian of Marseilles)-

(XII. To the Lord Bishop Patiens*)-

(Gregory the Great: Instructions to the Missionaries, [The Letter to Mellitus of 601])-

(the ruin)-

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