Merger & Acquisition of a company

The position paper will deal with a specific aspect of managerial economics on a topic approved by the instructor. An example is mergers and acquisitions in the automobile industry. Students should give a critical summary of sources/papers on that topic. Explain why the merger took place, who was involved, how the evaluation was handled, and what is the likelihood it would fail or succeed, etc. The sources could be in conflict with each other or in line with each other. It is imperative that the student involve themselves in the discussion and justify their assessment and opinion. The student is to research the issue and clearly articulate their respective viewpoint on the topic.

The paper should include the following components:

Research Component: Based on research in academic, peer reviewed, or professional journals, present at least three authors’ views on the selected topic. Sources must be cited within the body of the analysis using APA style.

Synthesis Component: Synthesize the research, incorporate class materials (discuss economic concepts/theories as they apply to the specific topic), utilize personal experience, etc. to arrive at student’s view point. Students must justify and support their views as well as include how this view will affect their actions and decisions in the future.

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