Merrow EW, Industrial Megaprojects

Merrow EW, Industrial Megaprojects

Question 1
Merrow JE in the reference “Merrow EW, Industrial Megaprojects, Concepts, Strategies and Practices for Success, Wiley, 2011. “States, on page 253 of his book that:

‘we tend to exaggerate the importance of the contracting approach to project success or failure. No contracting approach guarantees success, most contracting approaches can succeed. Contracting is a second-order concern’.

Outline your understanding of the statements above, and whether you agree or disagree with the author’s statements.
Question 2
Outline your understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM). How does BIM potentially reduce ‘rework’ on building projects?
(5 marks)

Does the use of 4D modelling of building or engineering projects increase overall project productivity? (5 marks)


Question 3
Over recent years new forms of project delivery have been conceived and utilised on projects all of which have been claimed to have advantages other project delivery methods in terms of collaboration of project stakeholders and participants to ensure better project outcomes (i.e. in terms of cost, completion time, quality and safety). Examples are:

• Alliance Contracting
• Managing Contractor
• Early Contractor Involvement

Outline your understanding of each of the above forms of ‘project delivery’ and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Question 4
Modular plant/equipment and buildings (or components thereof) are being utilized with greater frequency in process plants and buildings of all types. Many of these ‘modules’ are fabricated in overseas countries. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of using modular plant using the parameters of cost, time, quality and safety as a basis.

a) Outline the reasons why modular plant/equipment and buildings maybe a suitable proposition on a project. (5 marks)
b) How can a client or project manager ensure that such modular plant/equipment, building or building component meets specified requirements? (5 marks)


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