Mexican immigration policy and the relation with with their neighbor countries,

2nd term paper I need 12 pages – its a comparative politics class, so the term paper has to deal with one or two governments who are connected to LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES. so compare governments and so on, please make a good research question. BEWARE PLEASE THAT IT HAS NOTHING DO TO WITH THE OTHER TERM PAPER, i don’t want it to conflict with the other one by all means, because as I said the same professor will read both of them.
need you to include at least two footnotes/ endnotes/ references PER PAGE. also I need 8 sources at least (books, journal articles and reliable internet sources). and annotated bibliography page at the end.
also please write a proper title for the paper


please double sure its not plagiarized because the professor will use turn it in. just please do ur best,

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