Models of Relationship Development



Models of Relationship Development


1. Read “Models of Relationship Development” in the text pp. 276-282.

2. Answer any two of the five questions in the “Invitation to Insight” box in text on p. 283. The relationship(s) you choose to describe can be family, romantic, friend, or work. Identify numerically which two questions you’re answering.

3. In each of the two questions you answer, cite at least three of the ten Stages of Relational Development identified in the text (pictured in Figure 8.1, page 276) to support your analysis of the relationship. For clarity, bold or underline each stage you cite, and include the specific text page you’re referencing. For example:

Bonding (p. 279). The text describes bonding as involving a public commitment. When Jose married last year, he asked me to be his best man, and I was very involved in helping him and his family with the planning…”


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