The Question for the assignment is: you have been given the responsibility or increasing motivation within your workplace. You need to prepare a report that reviews the current levels of motivation, compare and evaluates different theories of motivation and makes recommendation for improving motivation levels within your workplace.(Maximum 2500words)
** The important of the research for the university.
** How the universities increase their rank using high quality and quantity of the research.
** general introduction about motivation and research level.
Body(1): (Current level of motivation) Reasons behind the research deficiency within university (related to the research environment NOT the researchers) e.g. low grant & not enough equipment…
Body(2): motivation definition, two theories about the motivation.( I included some references to use)
Body(3): ( Recommendation) how to apply one of these theory to improve the research quality and quantity within universities.
Conclusion: high light the important for motivation in research field.
Management and Orgnisational Behaviour, Mullins
Motivation and Personalitiy; (1954), New York: Harper
Aldefer. C. P, Existence, Relatedness and Growth: Human Needs in Orgnisational settings, (1972) New york, Free Press.
Porter. L. W and Lawler. E.E, Managerial Attitude and Performance.( 1968) Homewood
Adams. J.S Inequity in social exchange (1965)
In the university, one of academic management role is increasing the puplication and number of researcher within the university. This lead to increase the school rank and it will able to have many access to the government supports such as; grants. However, last year the school rank was very low comparing with other university in the U.K. this a problem annoy the head of the school and the structure was given to increase the motivation within school to improve the quality and the quantities of the research.

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