Motivation, Determination, Inspiration

For your motivation paper you are expected to write a paper reflecting on your motivation for being where you are today. What were the motivating factors in your life that has allowed you to be in your current situation? How has the family values instilled by your parents influenced your decisions in life? Why are you here at Chowan University rather than some other school? Some examples of areas of emphasis are: what is important to you; change; and being aware of your surroundings. This paper should be at least six pages in length; 12 point font; New Times Roman; double spaced. This paper needs to have a cover sheet; table of contents; and reference page. Please be sure to pay special attention to the grading outline as it is also required to be attached to your final paper. The cover sheet, grading guideline and reference pages are not included in the total length of the paper. Please be sure to include your name, id number, school name, course, term, deadline, instructor name, and date submitted on your cover sheet

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