8 MLAReferences required, FORMAT is strictly required.
AT LEAST TWO Diagram(or Chart), FIVE pictures required.

To the writer: The essay question is in “Exam question” document. Only do the section A on page 2, and choose question 5 (1000 words essay about the film Thelma and Louise). Please watch this film first. Read the question and assessment criteria carefully. Use appropriate knowledge and words about film studies in the essay, like mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing. For this film, the mainly topic is the “gaze ”( mainly about female gaze). I ’ve gave you the reading for this movie, you can quote content from the reading as references. MLA formatting quotations is required for this essay. And I also give you the lectures notes of this film, the reading and slides can help you to understand this film better. I hope you can finish the work before 2nd November.

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