Movie paper

a summary essay discussing three sociological, criminological, or psychological theories the student feels do the best in explaining criminality. Select a crime film viewed in class and discuss the explanation for criminal behavior that appears in the movie. Use the concepts discussed in class and in the texts. For example, is the film more psychological or sociological in its analysis?

Requirements for essays: • 3 pages in length (not including cover page or works citied page) • APA Style • Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman • Must be produced in Microsoft Word • Cover page –should include course information and your name • You should identify the film’s title, director, and date of release, as well as principal actors. Throughout the paper, the film’s title should be in ITALICS • In-text citations and a reference page should be included • Proofread carefully: grammar, spelling, mechanics, citations, etc. will be part of your grade

Pick one of there films

-Maria full of Grace

-Silence of the Lamb

-Taxi Driver

-Do the right thing

-12 Angry men

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