Multi-disciplinary team members


 In a narrative format, answer the questions listed below for one of the scenarios that I pose. Work to build ideas from the questions as you move into new paragraphs. Do not state the question, then give an answer, as you would in a basic memo assignment.
You are a project manager in the early stages of selecting a project team. In order to succeed, you must identify personnel with a variety of disciplinary knowledge and functional skill selts that are relevant to understanding and solving the problem. As a project manager, you will be working with Human Resources (HR), which requires being clear and concise in your needs and justifying your decision.
For one scenario (PICK ONLY ONE):
• • Identify the fields of expertise required (engineering and professions). Identify he different functional roles
required of the different individuals (i.e. designer, auditer, supervisor, public relations, etc).
• • Explain what knowledge and/or skills that each field contributes. Indicate which team members are vital to the success of the team, and explain why. Present your “dream team” information in a table, to make it easier for your audience to understand and ultimately approve your dream team. For example, if you were assembling a team to design an oil-drilling platform, you might include the fields of, Petroleum Engineering, Oceanography, Geology, Structural Engineering and Psychology. The psychology professional(s) may be utilized to address long-term deployment of personnel to an isolated environment.
To illustrate your skills as an effective project manager, consider these two questions:
• • What difficulties do you foresee the multi-disciplinary team members having in working with each other? Order your list with the most important first.
• • What strategies would you use to resolve these difficulties?
Scenario 1: Over the summer, the Midwest experienced massive flooding of the Mississippi River. The firm you work for has just been asked to design a retaining wall system (e.g., a levee) for the Mississippi. You are responsible for forming a team to study and develop solutions for this issue relevant to the needs of the affected communities.
Scenario 2: You begin working for a new medical device company, and the company wants to break into the market with a device to help “repair” brains damaged by injury or disease. You are responsible for assembling a research and development team to investigate, develop, and test solutions.
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Table 1. Grading Rubric
Engineering Content (10 pts total)
Disciplines 3 pts
Understanding Of Disciplines 3 pts
Forseen Difficulties 2 pts
Conflict Resolution 2 pts
Technical Writing (10 pts total) – exact breakdown TBD
Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation
Table format
Professional register – avoid use of colloquial phrases and hyperbole
Clear yet succinct writing – avoid vague ideas and pronouns

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