A research paper on multicultural counseling is required for this class. This paper will focus on how to treat clients who are culturally different in some way from you.
Pick a topic of culture, ethnicity, gender, etc. different from your own. Write a ten page (8 pages of text) paper on specific issues for counseling of the group you have chosen. One page is the cover page, no abstract required, the other page is reference page. 8 pages of text. Use APA style.

Please include information on ALL of the following:
Describe the demographics of your group. In what way is this group different from you? (Please be specific; don?t assume it?s obvious).
What type of special issues does this group have, and how do they affect therapy?
How should treatment of this group be conducted?
Do you believe you would be able to counsel people from this particular group?
What (if any) issues do you have with this group, and how would you handle these issues? If you have no issues, speak about that.
If you (or in any case if a counselor) would have issues with a group that will affect treatment, ethically what should be done?

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