Paper details:”Godeg Miring”: Balinese gamelan; track #5 from From Kuno to Kebyar: Balinese Gamelan Angklung (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, SFW50411, 2011): (Links to an external site.)
musical analysis will consist of both prose description (600 to 800 words) and a detailed visual diagram or notation. In your written description and visual diagram/notation, you should demonstrate to the reader elements you hear in the musical selection such as quality, pitch, duration, intensity, sound sources, texture, and form. Effectively, you are being asked to create a “listening guide” for your selected excerpt similar to those we’ve studied in Shelemay’s Soundscapes textbook. Your listening guide, however, needs to go into significantly greater depth than the brief listening guides provided in your text.
You are free to determine the format for your visual diagram / notational system, according to your musical experience and the elements you set out to demonstrate in your writing. Your primary objective is to present the reader with a coherent and straightforward picture of your musical selection. I expect greater sophistication and nuanced perspectives in terms of analysis from those of you with more advanced musical backgrounds (by this point in the semester, I know who you are!), although no one is required to use standard Western notation. You may create your own visual depiction / notational system, as long as it is effective and clear, and conveys meaning.
For assistance, besides the regular reading and listening materials assigned for the course, you may like to consult:
Lisa Gold’s Music in Bali: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (OUP, 2004) for more information pertaining to the Balinese gamelan
You may find Chapters 2 and 3 most helpful.

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