Skeletal outline. Include contrast, thesis, three topic sentences, and a restatement of thesis. Do not write out any full paragraphs and do not write out the entire “hook”.
You will write a two to four-page, (500 word), typed, double spaced reflection essay in which you will argue that Post World War I euphoria was displayed in The Great Gatsby. Consider the actions of characters and the role of consequences in the novel. Do no outside research. Use lecture notes, readings, and make sure you quote The Great Gatsby in your paper.
The group discussion forum is a space for you to collaborate with your group as you work towards the various deliverables for the Requirements Document assignment. To help guide your group discussion this week, please read the instructions below.

As soon as possible after the class meeting, please participate in this discussion forum to continue working on Part II of the Requirements Document project.

Your group should use this discussion forum to discuss 1) revisions you plan to make to the draft as a result of feedback, 2) how you plan to implement the revisions, and 3) how you plan to draft the remaining components of the technical section. Make your initial post early so that you have time to comment on each other’s posts and develop a plan for the final draft before the end of the module. The earlier you make your initial post, the more time you will have for group conversations. You must make at least two posts by the due date.

Assessment Criteria
Timely completion (1 point per post for up to 2 points)
Quality of contributions—Were your contributions relevant? Did they help advance the project toward completion by asking a key question, addressing and/or satisfying open issues, expressing a key thought, or contributing content and detail to satisfy a requirement? (Up to 3 points)

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