You will be requested to study the market of Nasal wash in KSA. You will find more details about how to proceed with your proposal in the 4 appendixes:
1. Research Questions,
2. Writing Tips,
3. Deadlines, and
4. Contact information for assistance.

Dear researcher,
You will need to write a research proposal that provide reviewers in Cambridge KIPP with enough information about how you are planning to conduct your study. The proposal generally includes the following sections:
1. Cover page: This page should include the title of your research project. The title should be brief and does not exceed 20 words/characters. Cover page usually indicates personal data about the researcher, including: name, position, nationality, country of residence and contact information.
2. Introduction: Write a brief overview on the topic and advocate to readers and reviewers the significance of your study. This section highlights the key findings on your research topic(s).
3. Participants: Who you will recruit to collect data? What are their demographics? How many participants you need (sample size)? How you will sample (select) them? What are the selection and exclusion criteria (if any)? You can sample different categories of
4. Instrument(s): What is the instrument you will use to collect data? E.g. questionnaire, focus groups, observation, interviews, etc. Is it ready-made or you will have to develop it? How do you plan to address each of the given research questions?
5. Procedure: Describe the process of the study in chronological order. Explain what the participants are expected to do and in which order. You may use a flowchart, if applicable.
6. Data analysis: What is your plan to analyse the collected data? Data analysis plan varies according the type of data either quantitative or qualitative.
General Tip’s
• Your proposal should be brief within 700 words.
• One paragraph for each of the above sections is enough.
• Your proposal should be sent in MS Word format (not pdf)
• Text should be in Arial, Calibri font size 12.
• Margins should be 1 inch from all sides.
• Align text to the left.
• Apply double spacing (2.0) between the lines.
• The proposal should follow the APA-style of writing for scholarly work.

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