In the format of a typed, double-spaced, 3-5 page essay address the following:
Slavery is a fundamental violation of basic civil rights. In most political science classes,
slavery is discussed as an infamous part of American history, while historians tend to
view it as a shameful practice of the broader past. Does slavery exist in modern times? If
so, how would you define slavery in the modern context? What forms does modern
slavery assume and where is it occurring? Finally, what actions can be taken today to
eliminate modern slavery?
You should view this assignment as a short research paper, in which you conduct research and
learn about slavery. A good way to start is to visit the websites of Anti-Slavery International
( and Free the Slaves ( Scholarly data sets/search
engines such as or contain hundreds of articles on
slavery. Our library also has excellent resources on the topic.
You must cite your sources and include a reference list at the end of the paper. This list will not
be included in your page total. You are free to choose a citation style as long as you maintain
consistency throughout your prose. There is no minimum or maximum number of sources that
you should use; use common sense for determining whether your paper is sufficiently developed.

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