Research Paper Expectations:

Papers are 4 pages in length, typed, and double-spaced.

Use a size 12 point size in a plain font (Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman).

Each paper should have a bibliography page and a cover page (which do not count toward the 4 page length)!!!!

The cover page should have the title, student name, course name, course day and time, date and instructor name centered on the page.

Each paper must have 3 sources—one of the three sources must be a professional journal.

The form for the paper is APA. APA style format can be accessed through Nixon library on pipeline. NO ABSTRACT.

Papers must be proofread and spell checked before submitting. Errors in grammar and spelling will decrease the points earned for the paper.
No late papers will be accepted. NONE! No exceptions. There will be no discussion on this policy.

Grading criteria for the Research paper:
Late to class on due date 30 points deducted
No bibliography 60 points deducted
No in-text citations 30 points deducted
Errors 30 points deducted
Missing pages 30 points deducted per page

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