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2 pages long on topic  capital punishmentThis is an example of the outline and how it needs to be. Sex Offenders Get Released Everyday, Keep your Family SafeI.IntroductionA. Strong Opening: Hundreds of sex offenders get released from prisonevery day. Sex offenders pose a threat within communities and createfear in the citizens. It is the state, local, and tribal lawenforcement agencies job to keep communities safe from repeat andpredatory sexual offenders.B. Thesis Statement: When a sex offender is released back in to thecommunity it can be quite overwhelming for the neighborhood. Not onlycan it be overwhelming, but it is also frightening. Law enforcementagencies are in a unique position to address and alleviate suchcommunity concerns. Understanding that sex offenders are not ahomogeneous population is critical to any enforcement or preventionstrategy and will enhance an agency’s ability to target theirresources toward those offenders presenting the greatest risk to thecommunity.II.Body Paragraph and Topic Sentence #1: Sex offenders get released into the communities on a daily basis. When sex offenders get out ofprison it cause panic in the communities. Some people are afraid tolet their children out to play. Parents become very over protective oftheir children and constantly worry that the sex offender in thierarea will make their child their next victim. With all of the panicchildren may also experience distress.A. Supporting evidence: By the parents being so over protective,scared, and concerened when a sex offender moves in to theircommunity, it provides both personal and altruistic fear ofvictimization. Altruistic fear is the emotional reaction to thepercieved danger that a household member would be a crime victim.III.Body Paragraph and Topic Sentence #2: Sex offenders with aprevious sex offense conviction have a 37% re-offense rate. That isjust out of the victims that report the sexual abuse.A. Supporting Evidence: Of released sex offenders who allegedlycommitted another sex crime, 40% perpertrated the new offense withon ayear of release of prison.IV.Body Paragraph and Topic Sentence #3: Law enforcement agencies dotake measures to create saftey in the community when a sex offender isreleased from prison, yet how effective are these measures when itcomes to a sex offender re-offending? Law enforcement agencies sendout notification cards, have tracking moniters, and making sexoffenders register at their local sherrifs office. Law enfrcementagencies are also supposed to do address verification.A. Supporting Evidence: The process of address verification variesfrom state to state. I live in Ohio and 90%of the time officers do notever go to the house to verify that is where the offender reallylives. My roommates mom is a registered sex offender and she is neverat her registered address. Most of the time she is at her daughter inlaws house where there are young children. How would the police knowthough if they never go to verify that she resides at the address thatshe registered with the sherriffs office? There are flaws and whenthere are flaws there are sex offenders re-offending.V.Body Paragraph and Topic Sentence #4: What we can do to protectourselfs, our children, and our people in our community from becominga victim.A. Educate yourself and your family in safety concerns. This is a timeto reinforce family safety planning and specific concerns aboutstrangers and this offender.VI.Body Paragraph and Topic Sentence #5: Things you can tell yourchildren to protect them from becoming the sex offenders next victimare as follows:Don’t accept a ride from anyone you do not know. Have a code word yourchildren will remember. Teach them what to do if someone who does notknow the code word tries to give them a ride. Don’t allow yourchildren to go into the home or yard of the offender, or any stranger.Make sure your child knows who to tell if a stranger offers them toys,money or gifts. Teach your children to play with others and in groupswhen they can. Teach your children should call 911 if you aren’t homeand they are approached by a stranger.A. Supporting Evidence: The more your child and family members knowabout safety as well as the offender the safer they are.VII.Conclusion: Sex offenders get released every day and it is yourjob to protect, educate3, and make a safety plan with you family inorder to keep them from becoming a victim. With out knowledge,stupidity rules. With out saftey plans offenders have a greater chanceat making you their next victim. Pull together as a community and keepeveryone in your community safe.

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