Nepal Earthquake

Section 1. General Information about a recent well-known natural disaster
Describe the area (location, geography, city, community, economy); create a disaster timeline; find statistics (re people, damage, impact);

Section 2. Description of international/national charity/volunteer response
Include: which charities (name/profile/locations/specialization/past experience), actions/projectsundertaken in the disaster chosen, type of aid provided (and variety), speed of response, quantity,duration – and mention any UAE charitable efforts

Section 3. Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the support/aid
For example: Was it appropriate, sufficient, well-organised, on target, professional, timely…Were/Are there any problems related to volunteer/charity organisations’ operations in that area?

Section 4. Comment on the situation in the region chosen today.
Has the region and its people recovered from the disaster? If so, how? If not, how/why not?

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