The paper should be at least 6 pages(3,000 words) with the diagram and OSI model – everything explained thoroughly.

The final project for AIT 620 Business Data Communications was developed to assure the course objectives have been achieved by all students in the course.

Students will explain, in detail, how data is transferred to and from an Internet-enable device at their home to The project requires each student to detail protocols, media, optimization schemes, software, and hardware on both the home device and that produce a smooth exchange of information.

For your project, you should create the graphic (TCP IP Example) using the OSI Reference Model. The diagram should identify the protocol used at each layer of the OSI model on both the transmitting (you) and receiving end ( You should create a separate diagram to illustrate each “node” (appliance/router/satelite/microwave/switch) during the request. This second diagram should illustrate what physical items (nodes) were instrumental in assisting your request. Please use the results of tracert/traceroute to support the nodes in your diagram. You will most likely need to assume and make educated guesses to determine what nodes were utilized.

For this project, you must consider all of the following.

A diagram of the OSI model and the utilized protocols to handle the request from your internet-enabled device to

Include all of the communications protocols used in the process
A diagram of the nodes used to coordinating your request to the destination (

Explain the various communications signals (digital/analog) and media (guided/unguided) used in the process in your writeup

List the multiplexing and modulation techniques

Realize that natively, some media/signals utilize multiplexing/modulation
This should be included in your write-up – Example: Ethernet and WiFi perform….????… type of multiplexing/modulation

List all of the hardware/software used to perform the task which should support your node diagram

The following commands may be helpful: ping, nslookup, whois, tracecrt/traceroute

Use tracert or traceroute to determine the most likely path to
If using the iPhone consider the Ping – Manage Engine []

Identify two nodes in the explained process for your scenario, outline an improvement implemented in each and the impact to the communication. (5 its)

The submission must be at least 6 pages double-space, at least 3000 words, and include all of the above information and the following:
Network Diagram using Visio

OSI model applied to the protocols used in the processing of information transmission

Every page under 6 will be a 10 point deduction up to 15 points – Max 2.5 pages of visuals

There is a 3000 word minimum so explain all diagrams, lists, and nodes thoroughly- (2500 – 2999 words [-5], 2000-2499 words [-10], <2000 words [-15]

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