Neural Basis of Sign Language

Please type it double-spaced to facilitate comments and editing.  I would anticipate at least 6-8 pages would be required to address the area. Must use at least 5 peer-reviewed articles, in addition to any material you find from textbooks or websites.

The first part of the paper should include a description of the topic.

If animal studies have provided insight into your topic, they could be presented next.  If not, then provide a history of how this topic came into the forefront of research with humans (In other words, the origins of this research and how it has evolved over time.)

If there are differing theories about the origin of the phenomenon, then you can outline them.  For example, in the topic of right hemisphere language functions, there are neurologic, biologic, genetic, evolutionary and environmental theories.

You should then address underlying neurophysiological reasons/correlates of your topic.  This may involve certain brain structures and/or neural pathways.

Finally, you should address future directions for research, either based on what is in process currently, or what your own opinion is about fruitful avenues for the future.

Discussion should demonstrate critical thinking by going beyond just summarizing the material, and outlining differing viewpoints or outcome research done by those researchers familiar with the field.  You can address this by looking at additional research articles and/or analyzing the information you have gathered.

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