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Imagine you are creating an image for someone who has never set foot on planet earth before. How could you communicate a sense of what it’s like to be alive here in the 21st century?
Create a collage by combining seemingly disjointed images into one composition that describes 21st century visual culture. You should include images from as many aspects of new media as possible.
Consider: film, photography, graphic design, fashion, music, memes, social media, advertising, and the news, etc. Your collage can be done digitally, by hand, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional or a combination of these! (Be creative! Can you incorporate different textures and materials?)
***You MUST include a MINIMUM of 25 images in your collage. Be sure your collage takes up the majority of your picture plane. To submit, scan or photograph your collage and upload as an image attachment. The file should be titled with your last name and the assignment title. (CoomarCollage)
For inspiration explore the following artists:

Hannah Hoch
Bruce Connor
Tom Wesselmann
David Hockney

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