Nintendo’s Power: Beyond Blue Oceans and Prima Donnas

We will read two perspectives on Nintendo, one critical (Newsweek’s “Fall of the Video King”) and one congratulatory (Blue Ocean Institute’s “The Nintendo Wii: Lessons Learned from Noncustomers”). They both attempt to characterize the company, so that they can argue that Nintendo’s character is the cause of either its failure or its success.

Write a paper in which you clearly define Nintendo’s character in your own words. A metaphor might be useful here (something visual like prima donna handlers or blue ocean sharks). You do not need to argue that Nintendo’s character causes its successes or failures, but you do need to convince the reader of your metaphor – using evidence from our class texts and outside texts.

By “character,” I am referring to the unique attributes of the company, how it is run, but more importantly, how it is different from other companies, especially how it differs from other similar video game companies.

Try to include as many direct quotations and vivid scenes (events that occurred at Nintendo) as you can, so that your reader can picture the character of Nintendo – in your perspective as an intelligent observer. This will serve as the evidence supporting your thesis.

Your thesis will involve positioning your perspective relative to the Blue Ocean theory and the “Fall of the Video King.” This will lend authority to your analysis, demonstrating an awareness of other viewpoints. Your own metaphor will add to these previous viewpoints and help your readers have a better understanding of what makes this company “tick.”

4-5 pages, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman, not including your “Works Cited” page.

Try to write with a tone closer to the Blue Ocean Institute than Newsweek – more scholarly than infotainment. Assume your readers are other educated thinkers, but it may require some additional time and effort to walk them through your ideas (using concrete examples and logical explanations). Take the time to make your ideas clear, specific, and convincing.


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