Report Outline—Include Headings below in your Report

Part I: Introduction  (approx 1+ page in length, Write this before your observation)

Describe when (time, date) and where (name, city) you will go and describe the type of service you will observe. (Example: aarti). Include citation of source for this information (e.g, temple website).

In this religion, what is the Sacred (ultimacy)? Explain.

In this religion, what is the goal of transformation? What other goals are there? Explain.

Explain the service you are going to observe (e.g., aarti). [If you can’t find enough information in the course material, use the temple website and Oxford References. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. It is key that you know what to expect before you go! Do not read random websites to get this information. Ask the instructor for help.]

How is this service (e.g., aarti) related to the goal of transformation? In other words, how is it part of the path to transformation? How does it help reach the goal?

Part II: Description (1+ pages)

Describe the building –exterior and interior, and the ambience of the setting (what the space feels like: quiet, serene, exciting, festive, solemn, etc.).

Describe the people gathered for the service: how many people and what kind of people were present (age, gender, ethnicity, class).

Describe the main parts of the service. Be selective. This is a short report and you don’t need to write a ten-page paper. Choose the major parts. If you are unsure of what they are, ask the instructor. Use the course materials to find the correct terminology. If there is a sermon or talk, be sure to include the theme of the sermon.

Part III: Making Connections (1-2 pages)

Identify and explain 2-3 references to the Sacred in the rituals, space, music, artwork etc.

Identify and explain 2-3 references to the goals and means in the rituals, space, music, artwork etc.

In conclusion, what other connections/comparisons can you make between your study of this religion and what you observed?

YOU MAY USE THIS WORD TEMPLATE FOR FORMATTING YOUR REPORT: Report 1 Format.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

Grading Rubric:

Reports are graded on a scale of 0-75 pts. Grade is based on how well you fulfill each part of the assignment and the following overall aspects:

1) followed the instructions

2) completed every part of the Report following the Outline provided.

3) made thoughtful connections with course material with proper citation.

4) demonstrated good understanding of course material (ultimacy, problem, goal, key terms, etc.)

5) used comprehensible writing with clear sentence structure, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, and organized paragraphs.

A range– report is excellent, outstanding, WOW in every aspect of the assignment in content and writing form.
B range–good, solid work in all respects.
C range–satisfactory, did what was required in most areas of assignments but may be missing some requirements and have minor writing problems.
D range–less than satisfactory, failing to meet essential aspects of the assignment and/or major writing problems.
F– failing to meet minimum expectations of assignment and/or major writing problems.


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