Online Maid Booking System

Online Maid Booking SystemPaper details:
The business is an online maid booking system here in UAE specifically in Dubai
The maid booking system is for hourly based maids to provide cleaning services to busy individuals
This project should be intriguing in this region because of low cost labour and busy lifestyle of working individual + because of the complexity in hiring a full time maid for paper work reasons compliance from the UAE labour authority

This online booking website is a connecter between the supplier of hourly maids and the customers who sign up in the website. So we are a 3rd party service provider we insure that these company are legitimate and secure but also are not responsible for any issues and damages
There will be a review system for the customers to evaluate the cleaning company providers as a whole and individual maids specifically
Details of the maid will be shows to the customers online such as nationality languages spoken and expertise in which field such as cooking, cleaning, ironing…etc
When a customer registers online we have full details on his/her location in which only the companies that provides services in that area appears to them in term the home address is saved in our database plus payment details in which they can have a monthly track of their own spending in addition to the option of online payment by cards


The sections of the business plan goes as below
1. Executive summary: ( half a page)
The first section should be a concise overview of your business plan. While the summary should be short, it must be well written: Your goal is to draw readers in so they want to read more about your company. Though this section appears first, consider writing it last, after you’ve worked out the details of your plan and can summarize your thoughts succinctly and accurately. The executive summary for a standard business plan should include:
The products and/or services offered
Your company’s mission statement

2. Company description: ( half a page)
This high-level view of your company should explain who you are, how you operate and what your goals are. The company description should feature:

The nature of your business, and the needs you plan to satisfy
An overview of your products/services, customers and suppliers
A summary of company growth, including financial or market highlights
A summary of your short-term and long-term business goals

3. Products/services: ( one page)
Clearly describe what you are selling, focusing on the customer benefits. Incorporate details about suppliers, product or service costs and the net revenue expected from the sale of those products or services. Consider adding pictures or diagrams. In general, this section should include:

An in-depth description of your products/services, emphasizing the specific benefits
An explanation of the market role of your product/service and advantages it has over the competition
Information about the product or service’s life cycle
Research and development activities that may lead to new products and services

4. Market analysis in the UAE : (one page)

Show your industry knowledge, and present conclusions based on market research. Your market analysis should include:

A sketch of targeted customer segments, including size and demographics of the groups
An industry description and outlook, including statistics
Historical, current and projected marketing data for your product/services
A detailed evaluation of your competitors, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses

5. Strategy and implementation: ( one page)

Summarize your sales and marketing strategy and your operating plan. This section should include:

An explanation of how you will reach target customers and penetrate the market
Details about pricing Note: (pricing based on each supplier) , promotions and distribution

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