Scenario: Atticus Chi has informed you that his organization is making grants of $100,000 available to certain causes. Identify a particular issue that affects a clientele or community (city in San Fernando Valley, CA), and write a proposal for that grant money using a key theme in the documentary/book Food Inc. Incorporate answers to questions and objections for the proposed topic, as some not all may agree to the proposal.

-MUST use one of the themes/ ideas/ of concepts from our reading of Food Inc.
-Include MLA in-text citations as well as a carefully, properly formatted MLA list of at least 8 substantive sources (from government, scholarly, or professional sites)
-Graphs and charts can be included if visual makes the point better than a description would.

Topic Examples have to be narrowed down.(In cities like Woodland Hills, Northridge, Chatsworth, Encino, anywhere in SFV) Some example topics: Food Waste and Homeless malnutrition in North Hollywood, Fit camp for Sun valley, Diabeties in Latino population of Sylmar, etc. (Do not use these topic examples)

Proposal MUST have:
-Background, Problem, Purpose, Scope
-Discussion Overview
-Methodology, and Time-frame of Proposal
-Work Cited with 8 or more substantive sources (from government, scholarly, or professional sites)

For the proposal, I was thinking to establish some program to implement gardens to teach organic farming in El Camino Real high school (Woodland Hills, CA) Specifically, for students grades 10-12th. Informing knowledge of organic farming would promote consumption of vegetables and fruits for adolescents.
This might help as a source:
Other topics can also be used for the proposal if there are better, concrete topics to write about. Keep in mind that it has to relate to Food inc. If no topic is found, this topic can be used for this proposal.
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