Organisational Communication: Processes underlying communication success and failure

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-The essay Q address the core concepts in Lec 1-8 (course note will be provided later on)
-need to include a successful/Effective Communication Example (real-life example)
-need to include a unsuccessful/Ineffective Communication Example (real-life example)

-the example of communication that you have either observed or experienced yourself (as Uni student’s point of view and in Australian settings preferably)
-min. 6 peer-reviewed journal articles to support the arguments in your essay
-some recent research cited in your essays (eg post-2000) to demonstrate that you are familiar with recent findings

-for the assignment, 1 or 3 person is acceptable
it is fine to use headings
-determine possible explanations for observed behaviours (and their consequences) MUST draw on the various theories and principles covered in this course (MGTS2606 Managerial Skills & Communication, Lec 1-8 course note will be provided later on)

-recommend at least 2~3 factors to explain the communication in each example (i.e 4-6 factors overall)
-In each scenario/example, we suggest that you discuss at least one individual-level factors (eg non-verbal behaviours) and one organisational-level factor (eg organisational structure, organisational culture, formal/informal networks, etc)
-your argument should be founded in evidence and published theory

-2000 words required by the course (+/-10%)

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