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a discussion of orgnizational culture is beyond the scope of this
course (See TMAN 633), it has such a dynamic impact on the way that
employees behave, interact, perform and on the manner in which they are
treated that it at least be mentioned in relation to Category 5 of
Baldrige. If interested in learning more, see the overview article
on the information contained in the article, please consider the
following four examples of different types of corporate cultures. What
culture best describes your work and why? Which culture do you think is
best suited for a high performance work system?Academy CultureEmployees
are highly skilled and tend to stay in the organization, while working
their way up the ranks. The organization provides a stable environment
in which employees can development and exercise their skills. Examples
are universities, hospitals, large corporations, etc.Baseball Team CultureEmployees
are “free agents” who have highly prized skills. They are in high
demand and can rather easily get jobs elsewhere. This type of culture
exists in fast-paced, high-risk organizations, such as investment
banking, advertising, etc.Club CultureThe
most important requirement for employees in this culture is to fit into
the group. Usually employees start at the bottom and stay with the
organization. The organization promotes from within and highly values
seniority. Examples are the military, some law firms, etc.Fortress CultureEmployees don’t know if they’ll be laid off or not. These organizations often undergo massive reorganization.

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