Orlin on the greatness of gilgamesh

In this assignment of about 4-5 pages, you will respond Orlin’s essay, “On the Greatness of Gilgamesh”.  Your paper should react to the reading in an organized and qualified discussion that considers the author’s main ideas in relation to your own knowledge and experience with the epic of Gilgamesh. Don’t simply summarize (or generalize) Orlin’s argument.  An essay that merely summarizes events won’t be successful.  One successful approach to the assignment might be to extend Orlin’s argument by relating it to examples or episodes from Gilgamesh that he does not specifically discuss in his essay. You could also include as part of your essay a discussion of the Orlin essay we read earlier in the semester “Reflections on Ancient Near-Eastern Myth”. Remember to: Identify the main ideas, and respond using personal insight and evidence from the text regarding the effectiveness of the text in regard to tone and organization. Is the text persuasive and why or why not? In addressing the evidence presented in the text, be sure to discuss its validity in terms of objectivity (e.g., is the evidence dependent on a personal point of view, or does it reflect objective and verifiable reality.) reflect on the author’s assumptions that inform his/her argument or the implications of the argument (i.e., once we’ve encountered the author’s argument, how might it inform the way we consider the area of inquiry concerned. Strategies for Writing: Read critically. Consider your purpose: presenting a response suitable to the expectations of an academic audience: clarity, objectivity, accuracy, and support through personal and textual evidence. Develop your response with a thesis appropriate to the context of your writing and using quotes, paraphrases, and personal evidence as support. In this case, your thesis will make a straightforward claim about what you feel to be the most important and/or controversial argument made by the author.) Organize a cohesive essay using transitions to guide the reader. Format: Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, with 1” margins on all sides, set in a12 point Times Roman. It should be no less than 4 pages long in order to earn a C. I will deduct points for incorrect formatting. It would be helpful for you to use the template I’ve provided on D2L. Note that while 3.5 pages occupy four printed sheets of paper, they are still only 3.5 pages, and have not reached the minimum passing page length.

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