When reading the preface to “Everyone’s an author” it gave me a lot of information. The preface of the books basically breaks down and analyze piece by piece what you will get out of reading this book. It tells you what to expect how they came up with ways to keep up with the new day and age. It is the introduction to show you what they have to offer you . It talks to you about authorship how you will become a better writer. How they can give you the key steps to become one. They also explain how they keep up with today’s world . They are on all technology anyone you can think of. So many helpful ways that they try to keep people interested. The prefaces purpose was very clear and helped me understand better what they have to offer from ebooks , writing styles , author videos and a topic that I liked that they pointed out was social justice. When having to apply the information that the preface gave should be simple . When reading if you can’t understand something going to the preface is very helpful it tells you everything and even helps understand some chapters context.

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