my three points for saying why the bible should be considered apart of history are
1. prophecies that the bible predicted and that have come true back then and now

2.the actual historical people involved in the bible who lived in those times like pharaoh. Compare history taught and connect it to the bible.

3.timeline of the bibles creation. explaining that the bible was written over a 1500 year time period so theres no way the authors got together and planned this story.

paper should: clearly state problem, clearly propose a solution, explain why the solution will work , explain why the solution will work. address possible opposition, and then refute that opposition with sound reasons and evidence, show why the proposed solution is better than other alternatives(will call for clearly stated alternatives), address the cost of adopting the proposed solution.

minimum of 10 credible printed sources( maximum of 14 may be used) including at least one background source, four (4) books, and five(5) articles, two of which must be from scholarly or serious periodicals. A limit of two (2) internet sources.

Final submission order:
cover sheet with title of the essay
work cited page
copies of sources you have used in the paper with passage used highlighted( only print out the page with the quote and the MLA information)

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